Miranda: The Story of America’s Right to Remain Silent tells the inside story of one of the most significant Supreme Court cases in U.S. history and the creation of the “Miranda Warning” — the legal history of the suspect’s right to counsel and right to remain silent.

Attorney Gary Stuart personally knows many of the key figures involved in this landmark case and here unravels its complex history, starting with the 1963 arrest of Ernesto Miranda in Phoenix, revealing how Arizona defense attorneys created the argument brought before the Court, and analyzing the competing interests in the case.

Stuart also considers Miranda’s aftermath, updates the story to the 2000 Dickerson decision upholding Miranda, and considers its implications today for cases involving the rights of suspected terrorists.

“In the wake of 9/11, and with the ongoing debate about the rights of suspected terrorists, the timeliness of this book cannot be overstated. Gary Stuart’s Miranda should be required reading for all law students, practicing attorneys, and anyone involved in the shaping of American public policy.”


—Senator John McCain

“A fast-moving, illuminating and interesting account of how America’s most famous criminal procedure case came about and what happened to it in the four decades since it was decided. The selections from, and the author’s commentary on, the oral arguments in Miranda and in Dickerson are especially well done.”

—Yale Kamisar, Clarence Darrow Distinguished University Professor of Law, University of Michigan, and Professor of Law, University of San Diego

“There could not be a more important time to remind our people, our lawyers, and our courts of the fundamental constitutional rights that distinguish us as a nation. Gary Stuart thoughtfully explains how the Miranda case became a signature of American democracy known all over the world and its impact on related constitutional issues up to this very day.”

—Roberta Cooper Ramo, Past President, American Bar Association

“A look at the future of what many consider a fundamental value of our society. This very readable book should be in the library of every American who wants to understand the real story and importance of the familiar incantation, ‘You have the right to remain silent. . . .’ ”

—Stanley G. Feldman, former Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court

“Every law student and every person who believes in the importance of public respect for the administration of criminal justice will profit from Gary Stuart’s impressive book. Miranda has withstood the formidable tests of time. This book will do the same.”

—Larry A. Hammond, President, American Judicature Society